6 Steps Towards The Perfect Construction

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As a trusted home builder for more than 30 years, we have developed a process to ensure that owners like you are involved at every critical stage of construction.

Stage One

Pre-Construction Meeting: Before construction begins, you are guided through the entire building process. You will review blueprints, choices for windows, bricks, siding, shingles and an opportunity to discuss the construction time table.

Stage Two

Pre-Drywall Frame Walk: Before drywall installation begins, you have the opportunity to inspect the framework of your new home, view its quality components and verify optional features you have selected. At this time you finalize your paint colors.

Stage Three

Quality Assurance Inspection: Before your final walk-through, we conduct our own final quality control check to ensure everything is in proper working order and up to quality standards. Any needed repairs or touch-ups are made and the home is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the Pre-Closing Walk Through.

Stage Four

Pre-Closing Walk Through: When your home is complete, we take you on a room-by-room inspection tour to ensure your home is complete and ready for possession.

Stage Five

30-Day Follow-Up: In the first 30 days, we encourage new home owners to keep notes on items that may need our attention, i.e., loose knobs, squeaky doors, hard to open windows, etc. We then send in our representative to complete the items.

Stage 6

One-Year Walk Through: To reinforce Ruscio’s commitment to customer satisfaction, we schedule another thorough inspection and complete repairs to any deficiencies found in the first year of possession.

For more information concerning our 6-step process, or to schedule your own personalized FREE estimate with us, please call Ruscio’s Sault Ste. Marie office at 705-949-1832. You can also reach owners Ralph and Dave directly at Ralph@ruscioconstruction.com and dave@ruscioconstruction.com.

For more information concerning the services from Ruscio, or to schedule your FREE estimate with us, please call our Sault Ste. Marie office.

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